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Saves time

How about a time-savvy version of your favourite veggie smoothie for breakfast? - Kickstart every morning with a simple scoop of HappyGreens in whichever drink you love to benefit from our unique protein patterns, to alkalise your metabolism and harmonise your muscles.


Stress and resulting bad habits have become part of daily life. Our hearty research has produced a fragrance-based superfood complete with antioxidants to crucially help prevent cell damage. Treat yourself to this unique flow of happiness and harmony!


Tired of fruitless junk foods and average supplements, that always lack something? Our enzymes unlock and boost the power of vitamins, minerals and fibres occurring in your daily intake. Resurrect your strength thanks to our high-tech enzyme formula.

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Life loves you, when you are in vogue

People all over the world are finding it hard to decide what it means to have a healthy lifestyle; our generation is overwhelmed by too many options, too much information and too little time. At HappyGreens we believe that greatness comes from within, not from capsules. We encourage you to listen to your senses, because deep inside, your body knows what you need to be happy.

HappyGreens is a nature-based lifestyle because happiness starts with optimal health. At the center is the green stream of life -- a formula composed by our expert sommelier. Our unique flavour is not a coincidence, but the result of careful design. We carry you through sumptuous berry fragrances, exotic adventures of chocolate and matcha, as well as the scenic scent of colourful tulips,

Our flagship flavor is paired to our famous gouache pattern: HappyGreens takes only a spoonful of powder and 20 seconds to dissolve in water or milk. A graceful pattern will bloom on the surface of your beverage, inspired by green marble. You are all set to go -- take this new secret with you to the office, the fitness studio or enjoy it before you  leave the house.

Sad and sour was yesterday, 
           Today is Happy and Green.

Delight your senses with our health boost of HappyGreens


Our edible fragrance provides you with a confidence boost to get things done every morning. 


Enjoy the taste of HappyGreens, inspred by tulips...


Eating is one of the core pleasures in life. Let health become the tastiest of your pleasures.

Who can benefit most from HappyGreens?


Push yourself to attain your full potential.  Motivation is fueled by good moodfood.

greenfood superfood supplements for children and parents


Everything we do is for those we love; helping them flourish and accomplish.

greenfood superfood supplements for seniors

Golden Agers

Age is a number - youth is a state of mind and a state of health. Drink the happiness!

Ups and Downs of HappyGreens

  • quick and easy to prepare, no blender needed    .. Other time-eaters are still going to use up your free time (like facebook :-))
  • no  added sugar .. your doctor may start to forget what you look like
  • contains no isolated vitamins and antioxidants  ... No need for single supplements and stressing out about dosage
  • improves your body scent  .. Too many compliments to handle
  • 100% vegan and free of cruelty ... But it is still not enough to bring about world peace. 
  • no need to pick fruit each morning ..  does not stop industrialisation yet. 

Laughing makes blue days happy

HappyGreens is not the solution for everything, but it is the first step for a lifestyle change.

What did you love the most about HappyGreens?
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60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Only possible for great formulas! If you are dissatisfied with any HappyGreens product for any reason you may return the unused portion for a full refund. Please e-mail our customer service at any time.

Which ingredients create the special scent in HappyGreens?

We believe in trust and transparency. What you smell is what you get and what you get is what you smell!  What do customers say after their first sip of HappyGreens?

“Works like garlic - tastes like fruit - feels like love.”

Fruits & Greens™

Fruits & Greens™

HappyGreens features the one-and-only Fruits & Greens™ formula, where over 24 vegetable and fruit varieties are blended together at a weight ratio of 1:25. Such a level of compression creates a formula of such a singular and strong nature that it can transcend into your own body scent  that can compare to an external  fragrance.  The odor prisma goes through a spectrum ranging from red grapes with OPCs, through cherries, cranberries, over peaches and a citrus fruit complex which is drawn from grapefruits and limes, activated by ginger and finally glazed by blueberries.  

Active enzymes

Active enzyme trail

Our unrivaled flavor is fueled by a special complex of enzymes. Enzymes are responsible for  the signs of life, the amino acids, and the components of protein.   Their intricate protein structure is meant to split compounds into separate active ingredients and unshell the bioavailability of  nutrients;  even without making any changes to your diet you will absorb more from your food.   In our HappyGreens' formula, the enzymes are plant-derived for instance from  rice. The multi- enzyme effect is known from laundress products.  Thus  amylase relates to the  halitosis prevention.  A touch of lipase allied with fruit extracts  is a  biocatalyst for the synthesis of valuable fragrance ester compounds, while cellulase cares for odor control.

Serotonin and Stevia as antidepressant and Appetite suppressant

Our Serosynin™

"Serosynin" is derived from “serotonin“ and “synergy“. This chocolate alternative is designed to precurse the main hormones of happiness through the action (hydroxilation) of the metabolic path of 5-HTP: Tryptophan bifurcates into serotonin in the morning and melatonin in the evening.  Allied with our special policosanol complex,  you get a cholesterol-friendly snack alternative.  Their constituents like  hexa-, octa-, tetra-cosanol, organic triacontanol and  ounces of steviol glycosides from zero-calorie Stevia lowers eating urges and is beloved for sweetening your journey to heart health and bulged libido.

Algae, Greentea, Spirulina

Algae and green tea 

Green ingredients are characteristically rich in antioxidants and highly-alkaline. Spirulina and chlorella house plenty of vitamin B12. Chlorella contains 30 mg of chlorophyll per g  and  spirulina, a natural multivitamin source with more than 50 essential nutrients.  Yet many shun their pungent marine taste. Green tea extract contains at least 40% antioxidative catechins and activating caffeine in balance with anxiety decreasing theanine. It is also known as working for a better, more kissable mouth odour (halolitis). However, it requires lengthy brewing and can deliver just a fraction of the benefits of the extract. We captured the advantages of both without any downsides. 

Benefit from best Fiber supplement

Lactospore® and fiber

The micro-encapsulated Lactospore® constituent of bacillus coagulans, MTCC 5856 was engineered as a shield against the invasion of bacteria in the intestinal flora   - the cause of a bad smell.  It contains  1.49 billion special lactic acid-resistant lactobacillus culture to green up intestinal health.  The fiber complex consists of soluble and insoluble fibers with different shapes such as  internal cell walls or micronized wheat bran or  wheatgrass.  The fiber of acacia flowers and apple support a healthy bowel function against putrefactive matter and flatulence. Unlike most whey protein fitness shakes tastebuds do not suffer a powdery taste, but enjoy a gourmet experience.

Benetfit from our acerola and zinc powder

From antioxidants to zinc!

A brilliant DNA pattern depends on the stability how residue-free carbohydrates are  burnt and oxidated in our metabolism. Anti-Oxidants are the  agents that prevent free radicals from damaging our cells, such as vitamin C, selenium and zinc in acerola extractAcerola extract additionally contains 50% natural vitamin C. The antioxidant profile of each is well documented, and their combination is  gentle to your immune system.  Additionally the floral notes of acerola combined with the Fruits & Greens™ round up the formula.  Harmonised zinc levels are said to have a positive impact on pheromones and Oxytocin, the "cuddle hormone", of course combined with cuddling and shaking HappyGreens...

Barley extract - A kernel of NADH, arginine and 5-HTP

Cold processed and therefore vital green extracts like barley grass or wheat grass extracts are the foundation of the  galenic formulation of HappyGreens. The galenic principle originates in clinical science and defends that when certain specific elements come together, their collective leverage effect on our metabolism is stronger than their isolated potential. According to the "law of presence", all ingredients must converge at the right time and in the  right place to work. We ultimately accomplished this by artfully building a symphony out of the noblest superfoods that nature can offer. The result: energy, youth and the drive to start your day every morning.   

  • NADH
  • Arginine
  • Beta glucan
  • Studies

The pillar of dance: Our barley grass powder is organic and derived at a ratio of 13:1 by cold-pressing and without using magnesium stearates. Take HappyGreens sublingually and let the rush of tryptophan-derived 5-HTP and vitamin B3 reinstate the energy you need for your daily activities by assisting in the production of Coenzyme 1 (NADH).


Barley Grass powder, Wheat grass, Wheat bran (Gluten), Arabic gum powder, Apple fibre, Spiruline powder (Spirulina platensis), Chlorella pyrenoidosa (Chlorella vulgaris), Forest fruit flavour, Acerola Fruit (Malpighiaglabra L.), Acidity regulator (- Citric acid), Starch, Green Tea Leaves Powder, Policosanol complex, Sodium chloride, Sweetener (- Steviolglycosides (E960)), Fruit & Greens ™ extract Lactobacillus sporogenes (Bacillus coagulans), Digestive enzyme complex. 

Whereof enzyme-activated tryptophan +  vitamin B3. correspond our Serosynin®  compound, 

** The purity of our ingredients guarantee a formula naturally free from  environmental pollutants and  heavymetals.  No Artificial Ingredients. No GMO’s.

Nutritional Table

                             Per 100 g                      Per 10 g             % RI
Energy (kJ) 1077.478 kJ               107.747 kJ
Energy (kcal) 259.035 kcal            25.903 kcal         1.29
Fat                          3.061 g                         0.306 g            0.43
Saturated fatty acids      0.145 g       0.014 g            0.07
Carbohydrates     17.577 g                    1.75 g            0.65
Fibre                           39.686 g                3.968 g
Protein*                    19.699 g                1.969 g            3.93

* Our Protein consists of harmonized proportions at least all 8 essential amino acids, since they must be present at the same time and exactly in accordance with the organism’s specific amino acid pattern.

Vitamins & Minerals [chelated]

                             Per 100 g                                 Per 6 g serving 
                                                            % RI                                     % RI
Vitamin C     571.29 mg 714.12              34.3 mg       43
Vitamin B1      0.592 mg 53.82             0.059 mg     5.38
Vitamin B2      1.168 mg 83.43             0.116 mg     8.34
Vitamin B3      2.967 mg 18.54             0.296 mg     1.85
Vitamin B6      0.629 mg 44.97             0.062 mg     4.49
Vitamin B12       0.56 µg 22.40                0.056 µ g   2.24

Minerals from our barley extract:  calcium , iron,  copper, magnesium,  phosphorus, sulfur, selenium, silicon and zinc.

Constitution of fragrance

HappyGreens' proprietary formula is more than 1+1. It´s 11.   Our carefully designed Fruit & Greens ™ extract, distilled from essences of fruits and vegetables  creates a bouquet of flavors and fragrances that make up vitamins, minerals and aminoacids. Together their scents flow as they flow through the olfactory system.  

Head notes: red grapes, raspberries, cherries, cranberries, strawberries, carrots, peaches. pineapples, apples, apricots, red pepper. Heart notes: citrus fruit complex is drawn from lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits. ginger, onions, sweet potato, white potato, grapefruits accomplish the formula. Base notes; blueberries, plums, beets, egg plant

Amino Acid Pattern per 100 g

arginine 0.301 g
tryptophan 0.101 g
tyrosine 0.210 g
aspartic acid 0.266 g
cystine 0.042 g
glutamine 0.528 g
glycine 0.224 g
histidine 0.070 g
isoleucine 0.245 g
leucine 0.294 g
lysine 0.311 g
methionin 0.098 g
phenylalanin 0.196 g
proline 0.189 g
serine 0.224 g
threonine 0.164 g
alanin 0.329 g
valine 0.175 g

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  • how the green stool quality avoids digestive problems.
  • different ways to improve sleep and libido through your diet.

A message from the CEO

Let Happiness happen!

"Happiness may be the formula of building bridges and balance, not only between sweet and sour but also between languages, natures and even nations. Following the HappyGreens lifestyle, you get in the flow  of higher quality and thus solve challenges more tastefully."

Mario Berg

Prepare gourmet recipes with HappyGreens! 

The unique flavor of HappyGreens creates a new category for the taste of health. It can replace sugar in most common recepies. Use HappyGreens as healthy fast food or be even more creative... Follow our selection of recipes if you are following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.


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